Struggling With Bad Credit? Get PROVEN Insider Secrets

Creditor Calls
Tired of Harassing Creditor Calls & Threatening Letters?

Are you struggling with bad credit, creditors constantly calling and harassing you, threatening letters in your mailbox all the time, and feel like there is no way out?

Constantly Being Turned Down For Credit?

Have you been turned down for credit cards, a car loan, apartment or employment lately because of your bad credit history? Did you know that was a thing?

Extra $
Always Need Extra Deposits & Co-Signers?

Is it tough to get approved for credit? Do you need a co-signer to buy anything other than using your debt card or cash?

Raise Your Score

You Can Have The PERFECT CREDIT You Deserve

Without spending months and months OR tons of money ...

We will show you simple methods to implementing certain key techniques, laws, loopholes and principles so you can ERASE your Bad Credit FAST & EASY... without spending thousands of dollars.  

We have in fact discovered the SECRET SAUCE! 

All the pain and suffering you're going through can end. 


I'm here to tell you the TRUTH and provide a system on how to Fix Bad Credit!

It takes HUGE amounts of TIME to properly research the best and effective methods of credit repair, especially the laws and the "hidden secrets" they don't want you to know about.


 But that's not the ONLY problem. It actually gets worse! Why?



Because if you don't follow a systematic FORMULA and try to do it yourself the "easy" way because you don't want to spend any money ... you'll keep getting crappy results!



Which means = NO RESULTS! The negative items won't come off your credit report - your credit score won't go up and you'll just waste a bunch of your time and keep your crappy credit.

Why Us?

Because we are just like you...

Don't let the frustration and overwhelm stop you from taking action. After 20+ years in the mortgage and credit industry, we decided it's time to share our credit expertise and knowledge with others. Now, our passion is helping others combat bad credit and help them get the perfect credit they deserve.

Our formula is designed to educate and empower you and get RESULTS.

So, we totally get it when it comes to lack of time, money and resources available... because that was totally me back in the day. 

We know what it is like to be sifting and sorting through the collection letters and not sure what to tackle next... only to discover it's been 6 months that's passed when you think you had it sorted out, and then BAM! a new collection letter comes in the mail. Now it seems you're back on that hamster wheel again.  

We also know the feeling of guilt and shame. Ignoring the collection agency letters, hoping they'll just go away and lying to yourself because you're overwhelmed and frustrated because what you're doing is clearly getting you nowhere.

A lot of us have been there...

Even as an expert… building perfect credit scores wasn't always easy... Until we discovered the law loopholes and put techniques and systems in place that made it super easy... and out of that very pain we experienced, we are now able to realistically help people just like you, get back their time while they fix their bad credit… AND achieve perfect credit scores so that they can live a stress-free lifestyle.

Let's Get Real...

Removing and disputing NEGATIVE items on your credit report is frustrating and confusing...

... So it makes total sense why you may feel complete overwhelm getting your credit score where you want it to be ...


There is endless things to research, make sure you use the RIGHT letter with the right verbiage... and once you do all that... you still have to know the laws enough so when you follow up OVER and OVER that you get the results you were hoping. 


We all have 24 hours in the day... but with school, work, kids, family, sporting events, dance classes, after school activities, going to the gym, washing the dog, seeing the parents, volunteering at the church, getting groceries, packing lunches, prepping dinner... who has TIME for anything else... Let alone fixing your bad credit.


Once you've experienced this crazy frustration and you get NOWHERE, you either give up on the whole thing and resolve that you will never be able to fix your credit OR cave and consider hiring an expensive attorney to help you with your bad credit. 

Hiring an attorney can be so ridiculously EXPENSIVE that it's not even an option.  Depending upon the severity of your credit it can cost thousands of dollars and they still don't offer a guarantee.

The thing is, by taking this course, you will have control over your credit, and money will never be your issue.

RAISE Your Credit Score 100 Points in Less Than 90 Days